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Table 3 Summary of recommendations for practice

From: A systematic review of three approaches for constructing physical activity messages: What messages work and what improvements are needed?

  Recommendation Level Grade
General Recommendation We recommend using messages to encourage physical activity participation as set out by physical activity guidelines.   
Message Tailoring Tailoring messages may have some advantage over generic message, we recommend that when the medium for dissemination is suitable (e.g., delivered online), tailoring should be considered. If tailoring is used, multiple exposures seem beneficial. 2 B
Message Framing Messages accompanying physical activity guidelines should be gain-framed messages rather than loss-framed messages. Until further evidence is available, it seems prudent to use strictly gain-framed messages to encourage physical activity participation rather than mixed-framed 2 B
Self-Efficacy Change Messages To construct self-efficacy enhancing messages, the use of theory-based, carefully controlled and designed to specifically influence determinants or conditions known to alter beliefs about efficacy and control is a strategy that holds promise and should be considered. 3 C