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Table 1 Descriptive information of the food images and categories selected for the ImageRate program

From: Assessing food appeal and desire to eat: the effects of portion size & energy density

  Number of Images Included Examples of Foods in Each Category
Fruit 18 Strawberries, ready to eat oranges and mixed fruit platters
Discretionary foods 21 Brownies, ice cream, cakes and high calorie savory foods such as French fries, and potato chips.
Grains 16 Breads, pastas, bagels and cereals
Dairy 5 Different types of cheese and butter
Vegetables 15 Broccoli, baked potatoes, peas and mixed vegetable dishes (e.g., salad or salsa)
Mixed dishes 28 A plate with eggs and hash browns, a basket of fish and chips and pizza with meat and vegetable toppings
Protein 24 A steak, chicken, seafood, and eggs
Total 127