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Table 1 Methodological components of both intervention arms.

From: A comparison of two short-term intensive physical activity interventions: methodological considerations

Methodological components
Group Pedometer
• intra-personal focus on self-efficacy • intra-personal focus on self-efficacy
face-to-face group sessions 3x/wk electronic communication 1x/wk
practical PA skills  
• outcome expectancy of health and fitness benefits • outcome expectancy of health and fitness benefits
• inter-personal and cultural factors • inter-personal and cultural factors
encourage social support encourage social support
individual challenges  
motivational strategies motivational strategies
role-modelling PA behaviours  
varying exercise environments and activities  
• PA monitoring • PA monitoring
HR monitors and diaries pedometers and diaries
weekly downloads of daily HR records diaries collated post-intervention
• goal setting • goal setting
daily energy expenditure and intensity levels daily step counts
• identifying barriers and enablers • identifying barriers and enablers
reinforced individually in face-to-face group sessions reinforced weekly in generic emails
• health and fitness testing • health and fitness testing
  1. PA = physical activity