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Table 2 Test-retest reliability of child-reporteda and parental-reportedb measures

From: Reliability and validity of psychosocial and environmental correlates measures of physical activity and screen-based behaviors among Chinese children in Hong Kong

  ICC 95%CI Items with low ICC
Self-efficacya 0.70-0.79 0.59-0.85 None
Perceived parental enjoyment of screen-based behaviors togethera 0.72-0.77 0.63-0.85 None
Rules and guidance on children's screen-based behaviorsb 0.72-0.86 0.60-0.90 None
  kappa Percent agreement Items with fair kappa (0.21-0.40)
Home PA environmenta 0.32-0.52 82-92 Have sports clothes in the home
Family and peer support for PAa 0.27-0.76 79-88 Be physically active with grandparents
Parental role modelingb 0.39-0.53 73-77 Time in using computer
Sedentary opportunities in the homeb 0.67-1.00 91-100 None
Perceived neighborhood safetya 0.45-0.76 85-94 None
Social environment in the neighborhooda 0.55-0.68 83-86 None
Sports facilities in the neighborhooda 0.58-0.70 83-93 None
  1. PA: physical activity