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Table 1 Factor analysis of the items assessing sedentary behaviours

From: Physical activity and sedentary behaviours in Greek-Cypriot children and adolescents: a cross-sectional study

  Screen-based sedentary activities Non-screen based sedentary activities
Hours per day watching television .808  
Hours per day watching video/DVDs .725  
Hours per day playing video games (e.g. X-Box, Play-station) .714  
Hours per day spending in front of the computer .554  
Hours per day talking on the phone   .776
Hours per day listening to music   .774
Hours per day traveling in the car/bus/motorbike   .701
Eigenvalues 2.980 1.059
Percentage of Variance explained 29.828 27.870
Cronbach's alpha for scale .712 .674