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Figure 2

From: Validity of estimating minute-by-minute energy expenditure of continuous walking bouts by accelerometry

Figure 2

Bland-Altman plots depicting error scores for the 2006 C2RM and the refined C2RM. Bland-Altman plots depicting error scores (actual minus prediction) for each minute of walking, including transitional minutes for the 2006 Crouter 2-Regression Model (C2RM): A) 0-s condition, B) 20-s condition, C) 40-s condition, and the refined C2RM: D) 0-s condition, E) 20-s condition, and F) 40-s condition. The solid line represents the mean bias and the dashed lines represent the 95% prediction interval. Data points below zero signify an overestimation, while data points above zero signify an underestimation.

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