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Table 2 Health status and production effects from reducing the prevalence of physical inactivity

From: The economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity: an Australian example

Benefit Feasible reduction targeta
   95% Confidence Interval
  Mean ('000s) Lower Limit ('000s) Upper Limit ('000s)
DALYs 25 n/a n/a
Incidence of disease 6 n/a n/a
Mortality 2 n/a n/a
Leisure (days) 316 300 331
Absenteeism (days) 114 n/a n/a
Days out of home based production role (days) 180 155 206
Early retirement (persons) 0.02 n/a n/a
  Progressive target reduction
DALYs 12 n/a n/a
Incidence of disease 3 n/a n/a
Mortality 1 n/a n/a
Leisure (days) 158 150 166
Absenteeism (days) 57 n/a n/a
Days out of home based production role (days) 90 77 103
Early retirement (persons) 0.01 n/a n/a
  1. a10% net reduction in prevalence. Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs), incidence of disease and mortality calculated for all age groups. Leisure and home based production calculated for persons aged 15+ years. Absenteeism and early retirement calculated for persons aged 15-64 years. All estimates uncorrected for joint effects.