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Table 1 Description of factors arising from factor analysis

From: Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between parenting style and adolescent girls’ physical activity

Items Factors
  Indulgent Authoritative Authoritarian Neglectful
I let my child express feelings about being punished or restricted .735    
I listen to reasons why my child might not want to do something that I ask him/her to do .731    
I encourage my child to tell me what he/she is thinking .692    
I make decisions in consultation with my child .611    
I tell my child how happy he/she makes me .491    
I am consistent with my discipline techniques   .753   
I make clear rules for my child to follow   .706   
I give my child reasons for my directions   .641   
I am clear about my parental role   .537   
I use a gentle manner with my child   .441   
I confront my child when he/she does not do as I say    .738  
I punish my child for disobedience    .728  
I am firm with my child    .703  
I have the final say with my child    .691  
I see to it that my child does what he/she is told    .542  
I let myself be talked out of things by my child     .763
I ignore my child’s misbehaviour     .644
My child nags me into changing my mind     .625
My child wins arguments with me     .606
Eigenvalue 4.66 3.06 1.84 1.22
% variance 21.2 13.9 8.4 5.5
Mean score for each parenting style (SD)* 3.98 (0.55) 4.08 (0.46) 3.58 (0.57) 2.39 (0.53)
  1. * Range is from 1–5, with higher values representing greater presentation of these characteristics.