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Table 1 Background characteristics of three key SDT-based intervention trials for PA promotion.

From: Promoting physical activity: development and testing of self-determination theory-based interventions

Descriptor PAC Trial Empower Trial PESO Trial
Trial location Canada UK Portugal
Participant gender 69% female; 31% male. 72.9% female; 27.1% male. 100% female.
Participant age &
Mage = 47.3; years of education
M = 14.75.
Mage = 49.3; Education = NA Mage = 38.1; 66% with higher education.a
Participant baseline PA
& weight status
< 150 min of mod PA per week; MBMI = 30.74. < 150 min of mod PA per week; MBMI = 33.21a M min/week of PA = 110.2; MBMI = 31.7.a
Intervention setting Inactive patients in a large community-based primary care practice (total of 5 HCP). Primary care patients referred (by HCP) to Exercise on Prescription (EoP) scheme at community leisure centres. Participants recruited via local advertisement (e.g., schools, health care centers) for a weight management program at the Technical University of Lisbon.
Domain PA PA Weight control (emphasis on PA & nutrition).
  1. Abbreviations: PA = physical activity; HCP = Health care provider(s); EoP = Exercise on Prescription
  2. aIntervention group stats only. No significant differences found with control group.