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Table 2 Website categories and definitions

From: Examining the use of evidence-based and social media supported tools in freely accessible physical activity intervention websites

Website type Definition Number identified
1. Physical activity program Web-based program that has the intention to help people to become more active and/or help people to live healthier, the goal being health behavior change 204
2. Link to activity program Website which only provides a link to a web-based physical activity promotion program located on another website 104
3. Smartphone application A website either directly or indirectly linked to an application used on a smartphone 116
4. Health information A government or non-governmental website that only provides basic health information about physical activity 59
5. Article Website that provides a media or scholarly article in relation to physical activity and health 60
6. Profile page Website that provide profile pages of organisations (university and government) or people with organisations that refer to physical activity and health 25
7. Non physical activity program Website that provides health program that is not related to physical activity 35
8. Other For example, websites not related to health, websites providing commercial software, inactive websites (link does not work), commercial workplace health program, 147
  Total = 750