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Table 3 Relationship between presence of grandparents in the household, and child weight status and health behaviours

From: The role of grandparents in childhood obesity in China - evidence from a mixed methods study

Outcome variable: risk for being overweight or obese
Explanatory variables Unadjusted OR (95 % CI) Adjusted OR (95 % CI)
Presence of grandparents in the household
 0 1.00 1.00
 1 1.08(0.65–1.78) 1.09(0.65–1.83)
 2/more 1.70(1.02–2.83)* 1.72(1.00–2.94)*
Main child carer
 Mother/father/other 1.00 1.00
 Grandmother/grandfather 1.76(1.06–2.91)* 2.03 (1.19–3.47)**
Outcome variable: weekly consumption frequency of unhealthy snack
Explanatory variable Coefficient Beta Coefficient B (95 % CI)
Main child carer
(A grandparent, compared with a parent or other adult) 0.15 2.13(0.87–3.40)**
Outcome variable: child’s likelihood of engaging in at least 60 min MVPA a day
Explanatory variable Unadjusted OR (95 % CI) Adjusted OR (95 % CI)
Main child carer
 Mother/father/other 1.00 1.00
 Grandmother/grandfather 0.78(0.40–1.52) 0.75(0.38–1.50)
  1. MVPA denotes moderate to vigorous physical activity. Child sex, birth weight, child age in months, school and mother’s education level were adjusted for in the first two models (for the first outcome measure). The same co varieties (excluding birth weight) were controlled for in the last two models (for the remaining two outcome measures)
  2. *denotes P ≤ 0.05; **denotes P ≤ 0.01