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Table 1 Topics shown by component and week of the Lunch is in the Bag intervention

From: Efficacy of the Lunch is in the Bag intervention to increase parents’ packing of healthy bag lunches for young children: a cluster-randomized trial in early care and education centers

Week Newsletter sent from the Center to the Parent Parent-Child Activity Station Teacher-Child Classroom Activities Teacher-Parent Notes for Classroom
1 Lifelong eating habits! Match food pictures to MyPlate food group colors MyPlate Placemat to use every day and support the Lunch Colors activity Please send a favorite fruit for Friday snack
--MyPlate food groups
--Serving sizes
--Nutrition health facts
2 Read the Label First! Match whole grains to their pictures Grain Train constructed around the classroom from empty boxes Please send empty packages for Grain Train AND whole grain item for Thursday snack
--Nutrition facts labels
--Whole grain sources
--Sugar sources
3 Make sure it’s safe! Match fruit to their colors Wash Those Germs (glitter) Please send favorite vegetable for Wednesday snack
--Packing food safely
--Keeping food & child safe
4 Make it appealing! Match vegetables to their colors Favorite Family Meal with all 5 food groups drawn on a paper plate Please send favorite vegetable recipe to share
--Making lunch fun
--Lunch packing tips
--Shopping hints
5 Beyond the bag! Match the food to Gold Medal Lunch Mystery Fruits & Vegetables in bags for the children to touch, smell, & tell Please send favorite vegetable recipe AND a vegetable for Wednesday snack
--Vitamins & minerals
--Introducing new foods
--Cooking fun and easy
6 Lifelong eating habits! Match food to Gold Medal Lunch Who can tell "What's Missing from My Plate?" Please send vegetable for Wednesday AND whole grain for Thursday snack
--Serving sizes
--Healthy eating hotline
--Nutrition facts label
All 6 --Menu suggestions Information sheets to take away --Book at circle time Gold Medal certificate when Lunch Colors shows all 5 food groups
--Try something new --Lunch Colors
--Nutrition fun at home --Tracking Fruit & Veg