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Table 1 Summary of data sources and definitions

From: Process evaluation of TXT2BFiT: a multi-component mHealth randomised controlled trial to prevent weight gain in young adults

Quantitative data

Use of components and frequency for number of components used:

 • Post-intervention and follow-up survey data

Frequency, timing and difficulties experienced with program components:

 • Post-intervention and follow-up survey data

Dose delivered and engagement with program components:

 • Coaching calls completed (dose delivered and engagement = number of coaching calls completed) from researcher call log database

 • Text messages delivered (dose delivered = number of text messages delivered) and replied to (engagement = number of text messages replied to) from MessageMedia® web platform

 • Emails delivered (dose delivered = number of emails delivered) from researcher email log database

 • Smartphone application downloads (dose delivered = number of downloads per app) and logins (engagement = number of logins per app) from app developers database

 • Website community blog posts participants (engagement = number of participant posts on the community blog) from TXT2BFiT website

Qualitative data

Explore participant’s experiences with and use of all program components and their usefulness in helping them achieved their goals and future improvements:

 • Semi-structured telephone interviews conducted at end of the maintenance phase with intervention participants

 • Post-intervention and follow-up survey data