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Fig. 3

From: Objectively measured patterns of sedentary time and physical activity in young adults of the Raine study cohort

Fig. 3

Hourly and day to day variation in sedentary/light ratio (a, c) and moderate-vigorous activity (b, d) across hours of the day and days of the week. Data are relative rates (and Sidak adjusted 95%CI) for each hour of the day or day of the week vs the grand mean. Dashed line represents the grand mean. Note: All models adjust for gender (male/female), ethnicity (Caucasian/other), individual income after tax (<AUD$1076/week/≥AUD$1076/week or unknown), living arrangements (alone/with others (excluding partner and parents)/with partner/with parents (and not with partner)) education current and achieved, (high school or less & not studying / high school or less & currently studying/completed TAFE, college, other or completed university/ unknown), employment status (not working/working part time, casual or unknown hours/working full-time), self-rated health, current asthma (yes/no or unknown), smoking (yes/ no or missing

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