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Table 4 Physical activity 4 Everyone intervention unit costs

From: Cost effectiveness of a multi-component school-based physical activity intervention targeting adolescents: the ‘Physical Activity 4 Everyone’ cluster randomized trial

Cost variable Unit Value
PE staff labour time Rate/h $60.15a
Volunteer personnel, labour time Rate per hour $33.18b
Printing Cents per sheet  
Showbag contents Cost per bag $0.62c
Venue hire (including catering) Cost per session $482.133c
Conference fees Cost per conference $1805.00c
Travel expenses Cost per person $441.23c
Equipment packs (including incentives) Per pack $11,874.00c
  1. Sources for cost prices
  2. aCommission IR: Crown employees (Teachers in schools and related employees) salaries and conditions award 2014. In., vol. May; 2014
  3. bAverage weekly total cash earnings May 2014, ABS 6302.1
  4. cReal cost price