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Table 5 Logistic regression results of any transport walking and any neighbourhood transport walking by neighbourhood activity centre type (n=19,984) a

From: Designing healthy communities: creating evidence on metrics for built environment features associated with walkable neighbourhood activity centres

Activity Centre
Any transport walking
OR (95% CI)b
Any neighbourhood transport walking
OR (95% CI)
Low (LW) ref ref
Moderate (MW) 2.28 (1.96, 2.66)*** 2.75 (2.26, 3.33)***
High (HW) 5.85 (4.22, 8.11)*** 8.66 (5.89, 12.72)***
  1. *** p<0.001
  2. Models adjusted for the following confounders: sex, age, studying, household structure, income, motor vehicle ownership, area level disadvantage. Models estimated using 3 level multilevel logistic regression according to SA2, household and individual levels
  3. OR Odds ratios, CI Confidence intervals