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Table 1 Description of trip destinations

From: Objectively measured active transportation to school and other destinations among 10–13 year olds

Destination Description
Home The participant’s primary or secondary residence.
Other homes Homes other than the primary or secondary residence.
School bus stop Locations where participants travelled to so that they could be picked up by a school bus.
School Trips to the participant’s school immediately prior to the start of the school day.
School day trips and trips to school for non-curriculum purposes Trips to school during the school day (e.g., returning to school from a field trip or medical appointment), or returning to school in the evenings or on non-school days (e.g., for an after-school event, to play on school grounds on the weekend).
Parks or greenspace City parks, undeveloped greenspace, or conservation areas.
Recreation facilities Government and commercial recreation and sport facilities (e.g., arenas, sports fields, gymnastics club).
Retail locations Supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, big box stores, strip malls, stand-alone stores, downtown stores, and shopping malls.
Food service locations Fast food restaurants, full service restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert and ice cream shops.
Community locations Entertainment or cultural facilities, churches or other places of worship, community centres, libraries.
Other Health care facilities, other schools (not the school where the participant was enrolled), transit stations, police station etc.