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Table 1 Inclusion criteria and derivation of the three analytic samples

From: Associations between local descriptive norms for overweight/obesity and insufficient fruit intake, individual-level diet, and 10-year change in body mass index and glycosylated haemoglobin in an Australian cohort

Criteria n Reason for reduced numbers
NWAHS sample (W1) 4056
Geocoded (W1) 4041 15 participants with invalid residential addresses
Residing in urban area (W1) 3887 154 participant addresses outside the urban area
Participated in Wave 2 3362 525 participants did not participate in Wave 2
Did not move (W1 to W2) 2797 565 participants moved between Waves 1 and 2
  HbA 1c BMI Of participants meeting previous criteria (n = 2797):
CVD/diabetes free at Wave 1 2325 472 participants had CVD or Type 2 diabetes at Wave 1
Not obese at Wave 1 (BMI < 30) 1982 815 participants were obese at Wave 1
Covariate data (W1) 2261 1926 64 (HbA1c sample) and 56 (BMI sample) participants lacked covariate data at Wave 1
LDN: Overweight/obesity 1908 1630 353 (HbA1c sample) and 296 (BMI sample) participants lacked overweight/obesity norm data
LDN: Insufficient fruit intake 1966 1673 295 (HbA1c sample) and 253 (BMI sample) participants lacked local insufficient fruit intake norm data
  1. Abbreviations: BMI body mass index, CVD cardiovascular disease, HbA 1c glycosylated haemoglobin, LDN local descriptive norms, NWAHS North West Adelaide Health Study, W1, Wave 1; W2, Wave 2