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Table 4 Standardized residual matrices for the critical nutrition literacy evaluation (CNL-E) measurement models

From: Assessing adolescents’ perceived proficiency in critically evaluating nutrition information

Original a priori model:
Variable CNL1 CNL2 CNL3 CNL4 CNL5
CNL2 0.380     
CNL3 0.658   0.000   
CNL4 −1.668 1.627 −0.862 0.000  
CNL5 0.673 −1.380   1.390  
Modified posthoc model:
Variable CNL1 CNL2 CNL3 CNL4 CNL5
CNL1 0.000     
CNL2   0.000    
CNL3 0.959   0.000   
CNL4 0.000   −1.024 0.000  
CNL5 −0.341 0.000 0.875 0.215 0.000
  1. Note: All standardized residuals of the a priori and post hoc modified models are within the accepted range of ≤ +/− 1.96. The largest values (−1.668, − 1.380, 1.390) indicate that the a priori model does not account very well for the correlations between CNL1 and CNL4, CNL2 and CNL5, and CNL4 and CNL5 respectively. Adding parameters between the error covariances of CNL1 and CNL4, and CNL2 and CNL5 in the post hoc modified model results into a decrease in the residual values, indicating better fit