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Table 1 Behaviour Change Techniques used in the Follow in my Green Food Steps programme, based on BCT Taxonomy (v1) [47]

From: The effect of the “Follow in my Green Food Steps” programme on cooking behaviours for improved iron intake: a quasi-experimental randomized community study

Theoretical Framework Domaina BCT Grouping BCT Programme Element
Goals [9]
Intentions [8]
Goals and Planning 1.1. Goal setting (behaviour) Initiation event
Promise letter
1.8 Behavioural contract Promise letter
1.9 Commitment Promise letter
Behavioural Regulation [14] Feedback & Monitoring 2.1 Monitoring of behaviour by others without feedback Stew calender
2.3 Self-monitoring of behavior Stickers for tracking
Beliefs about capabilities [4]
Skills [2]
Shaping Knowledge 4.1 Instructions on how to perform the behaviour Cooking demonstration
Beliefs about consequences [6]
Knowledge [1]
Natural Consequences 5.1 Information about health consequences Initiation event
Radio drama
Song & Dance
Beliefs about capabilities [4]
Skills [2]
Comparison of behaviour 6.1 Demonstation of behaviour Video with Omotola and daughter
Memory, Attention & Decision Processes [10] Associations 7.1 Prompts/Cues Shopping list
Shopping reminders
Reinforcement [7] Reward & Threat 10.3 Non-specific reward Ankara/school bag prize
Resources/Material resources [11] Antecedents 12.5 Adding objects to the environment Goody Bag with iron-fortified bouillon cubes and a bunch of pumpkin leaves
  1. BCT Behaviour Change Technique
  2. aTheoretical Framework Domain, based on a synthesis of theoretical constructs that have been identified in theories related to behaviour change [48]