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Fig. 1

From: Combining sensor tracking with a GPS-based mobility survey to better measure physical activity in trips: public transport generates walking

Fig. 1

Screenshots of TripBuilder Web used for the GPS-based mobility survey in the RECORD MultiSensor Study. Panel a: Main screen of the application (top left: succession of places and points of change of travel mode visited; bottom left: map of trips; right: panel for the identification of places and characterization of places and modes). Panel b: A trip was not detected as the GPS receiver was left at home. The visited place was searched in the mobility survey application (first picture). When the adequate place was selected, the shortest trip to the place was generated (second picture). The trip itinerary was then manually edited (third picture). Panel c: The residual artefact in the GPS track persisting after the automatic cleaning (first picture) was manually removed during the mobility survey (second picture). The data shown in the Figure are not real participant data but data generated by the research staff

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