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Table 3 Final country-specific measurement models of the NEWS-Y-IPEN

From: Development and validation of the neighborhood environment walkability scale for youth across six continents

AustraliaBelgiumBrazilHong Kong SARIndiaMalaysiaNew Zealand*NigeriaSpainUSA
Factors and itemsStandardized factor loadings
Accessibility and walking facilities (AW)
 AW1. Hilly streets make it difficult to walk in the neighborhood− 0.38− 0.35− 0.31− 0.31− 0.28−0.31− 0.25− 0.29− 0.34− 0.34
 AW2. Less cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood0.290.360.370.360.310.390.240.330.390.32
 AW3. Many different routes for getting from place to place in our neighborhood0.520.480.260.530.330.360.320.420.400.41
 AW4. Presence of sidewalks on most of the streets0.460.920.540.570.840.780.530.710.700.89
 AW5. Sidewalks separated from the road / traffic by parked cars0.560.700.360.300.760.500.420.720.530.64
Traffic safety (TS)
 TS1. Difficult/unpleasant to walk due to traffic in the neighborhood−0.68−0.73−0.55−0.40−0.85−0.47−0.43− 0.49− 0.60− 0.55
 TS2. Speed of traffic usually slow (30 mph)0.340.340.410.380.440.340.320.580.630.47
 TS3. Drivers drive faster than speed limit−0.30−0.48−0.39− 0.51−0.39− 0.58−0.43− 0.71−0.58− 0.37
Pedestrian infrastructure and safety (PI)
 PI1. Good lighting at night0.360.430.470.600.370.500.550.480.360.64
 PI2. Easy view of walkers / bikers from houses0.390.410.360.410.430.680.400.380.650.59
 PI3. Crosswalks and signals to cross busy streets0.600.750.430.590.360.510.310.520.580.62
Safety from crime (CR)
 CR1. Fear of child being hurt by a stranger when alone outside around the home−0.72−0.89−0.92−0.91−0.85−0.78−0.77− 0.76−0.84− 0.66
 CR2. Fear of child being hurt by a stranger when with a friend outside around the home−0.73− 0.91−0.86− 0.95−0.96− 0.90−0.77− 0.94−0.92− 0.57
 CR3. Fear of child being hurt by a stranger when walking alone or with a friend in local streets−0.98− 0.95−0.47− 0.94−0.77− 0.87−0.84− 0.95−0.97− 0.94
 CR4. Fear of child being hurt by a stranger when alone or with a friend in local park−0.85− 0.82−0.32− 0.91−0.61− 0.81−0.72− 0.87−0.90− 0.78
Aesthetics (AE)
 AE1. Interesting things to look at0.900.770.760.630.760.780.700.540.700.78
 AE2. Beautiful natural things to look at0.880.590.660.830.820.740.780.730.650.85
 AE3. Buildings / homes nice to look at0.710.750.400.640.510.630.560.650.690.67
Average absolute inter-factor correlation0.290.230.300.
# of significant inter-factor correlations8786465295
Maximum absolute inter-factor correlation: pairs of factors0.600.680.760.610.340.600.470.750.540.63
Pairs of inter-correlated error items3311240001
  1. Notes. NEWS-Y-IPEN = Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale for Youth for the IPEN Adolescent study. aNew Zealand collected NEWS-Y-IPEN data from adolescents only. Thus, for New Zealand, confirmatory factor analyses were performed on adolescent data, while for the other countries they were performed using parents’ data