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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: Barriers and facilitators to implementation of menu labelling interventions from a food service industry perspective: a mixed methods systematic review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population: direct supply-side stakeholders with a role in menu labelling implementation (e.g. food service business staff and management, caterers). Population: demand side stakeholders (e.g. consumers) and indirect supply-side stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, policy makers, guideline developers, health professionals).
Intervention: no restriction on menu labelling format (numeric or interpretive), scheme (voluntary or mandatory) or type of food service business. Intervention: menu labelling as part of a multi-component intervention.
Type of research: all primary research studies (from grey or peer-reviewed literature) using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approaches. Type of research: editorials, commentary and opinion pieces.
Language and publication year: no restrictions.
Outcome: any barrier or facilitator to the implementation of menu labelling interventions.