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Table 3 Descriptive statistics for the activPAL variables measured throughout waking hours on weekdays

From: Stand Out in Class: restructuring the classroom environment to reduce sitting time – findings from a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

Waking hours on weekdaysBaselineFollow-upChange
(n = 57)
(n = 52)
(n = 57)
(n = 52)
(n = 57)
(n = 52)
Wear time (min/day)836.3843.8830.9835.4−3.7−8.4
Time spent sitting (mins/day)520.1514504.4472.0−15.2−42.0
Time spent standing (mins/day)179.9195.4176.5197.1−3.01.6
Time spent stepping (min/day)136.3134.4150.0166.414.432.0
Percentage of wear time spent sitting (%)62.460.960.556.5−2.0−4.3
Percentage of wear time spent standing (%)21.423.221.523.60.10.4
Percentage of wear time spent stepping (%)16.215.918.
Number of sit to stand transitions102.5106.4104.1106.21.60.2
Number of days worn3.−0.50.0
  1. Data are presented as the mean (SD). This table includes data from participants who wore the activPAL device with a minimum valid wear time of 8 h each day on at least one weekday at baseline and at 7-months follow-up.