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Table 2 Intervention settings and components of SB interventions

From: The effectiveness of sedentary behaviour interventions on sitting time and screen time in children and adults: an umbrella review of systematic reviews

Component Settings
School Office Home Community Primary care
Motivation/volition Educational sessions on healthy lifestyle; Mass media or other health promotion materials, e.g. posters, newsletters etc.
(7 reviews) [23, 26, 27, 31,32,33, 35]
Goal setting in sitting time; Provide educational materials and tips via email or message; Strategies for self-monitoring and reinforcement for behaviour change; Motivational interview/ counselling sessions; (8 reviews) [24, 29, 33, 34, 36,37,38,39] Goal setting in screen time; Dairy and materials to promote healthy lifestyle. (10 reviews) [26, 27, 31,32,33,34,35,36, 38, 39] Group counselling; Mass media or other health promotion, e.g. posters, newsletters etc. (3 reviews) [23, 26, 36] Counselling sessions, individualized lifestyle plan; Monitoring handbook (3 reviews) [23, 26, 36]
Environmental change Sit-stand or standing desk (1 review) [26] Sit-stand workstation, portable elliptical/pedal machine; stationary cycle ergometer and treadmill desk; reminder application installed in computer and tracking devices etc. (8 reviews) [24, 28,29,30, 34, 36,37,38] Remove TV out of bed-rooms; screen time monitoring devices; sitting time monitoring/ tracking devices (7 reviews) [27, 30, 33,34,35, 38, 39] Not available Not available
Policy change Curriculum change (3 reviews) [26, 32, 35] Walking or standing meetings; organizational schedule for sitting breaks and stand up. (1 review) [29] Not available Not available Not available