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Table 1 Components of Implementation Mapping process

From: We have the program, what now? Development of an implementation plan to bridge the research-practice gap prevalent in exercise oncology

Intervention Mapping Step


Questions addressed

Task 1

Engage stakeholders integral to the context where the intervention will be employed who will be responsible for its adoption, implementation, and maintenance. Identify actions necessary for and barriers/facilitators of implementation.

1. Who will decide to adopt and use the program?

Conduct a needs and assets assessment

2. Which stakeholders will decision makers need to consult?

3. Who will make resources available to implement the program?

4. Will the program require different people to implement different components?

5. Who will ensure the program will continue as long as it is needed?

Task 2

Define who needs to do what to adopt, deliver, and maintain the program and its essential elements and create change objectives to guide implementation design.

4. What is are the target outcomes the adopters, implementers, and maintainers need to achieve?

Identify adoption and implementation outcomes, performance objectives, determinants, and change objectives

5. What needs to be done to adopt, implement, and maintain the program (i.e. performance objectives)?

6. What personal determinants will influence the “why” decisions for each group?

7. What has to change for each determinant in order to encourage the performance objectives?

Task 3

Using theory, choose implementation strategies to create practical applications for the specified context.

8. What theory-based change methods are most appropriate for this context?

Select theoretical methods and design implementation strategies

9. How can these change methods be used as practical applications in this context?

Task 4

Outline implementation plan.

10. What program components need to be created?

Produce implementation protocols and materials

11. Are the program materials appropriate for the target audience?

Task 5

Design evaluation plan.

12. What needs to be measured to describe program effects before and after the implementation?

Produce implementation protocols and materials

13. How will the chosen constructs be measured?