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Table 3 Summary of Accelerometer Characteristics of Included Studies (n = 24)

From: Infants’ and toddlers’ physical activity and sedentary time as measured by accelerometry: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Accelerometer CharacteristicNumber of Studies
Epoch Length
 5-s or less3
Average Wear-Time
 7–9.9 h8
 10–15 h7
  > 15 h1
 Not reported8
Number of Monitoring Days
 3 or less3
 7 or more18
Cut-Points Applieda
 Trost et al.11
 Oftedal et al.1
 Adolph et al.1
 Johansson et al.1
 Sirard et al.1
 Butte et al.1
 Hager et al.2
 Evenson et al.1
  1. aCut-points were applied in toddler studies only (n = 20)