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Table 2 The proportion (%) of stakeholders who agreed with the eight proposals to modify the initial whole-school physical activity framework

From: Using a multi-stakeholder experience-based design process to co-develop the Creating Active Schools Framework

 1. Change skills, knowledge & competence to capability, opportunity & motivation2. Change teacher practice & ethos to whole-school practice & ethos.3. Change 5 original pillars to 5 people- orientated pillars4. Show social & physical environment as interweaving through the 5 pillars.5. Present the five pillars and social/ physical environments as a DNA helix?6. Introduce a new part to the model where children are included as the main beneficiaries?7. Change the best-practice physical activity box to include 7 PA segments/ opportunities?8. Rotate the model 90 degrees to the left?
UK Researchers (n = 5)1001008010020806040
Public Health (n = 5)100801001000808080
Active Schools (n = 4)75100100100501005050
Head Teachers (n = 5)1001001008060804060
Teachers (n = 5)1008060100601006020
Active Partners (n = 4)10010010075251007550
Nat Organisations (n = 3)336710010067100100100
LDP (n = 1)100100100100100100100100
Int Researchers (n = 5)100100100804080040
Total (n = 37)
 Overall in agreement9292929241895754
 Number of groups with +ve response8 of 99 of 99 of 99 of 94 of 99 of 96 of 94 of 9
 Accept/ Decline modificationAcceptAcceptAcceptAcceptDeclineAcceptAcceptDecline
  1. Modifications were accepted when > 50% of the total sample voted for the change and more than half of the stakeholder groups (5 or more) voted for the change. Bold text indicates proposal acceptance