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Table 1 Timing and topics of the family-based and tailored physical activity counselling visits

From: Cost-effectiveness of physical activity intervention in children – results based on the Physical Activity and Nutrition in Children (PANIC) study

Timing of the visits Main topics of the visits Time used for the visits
0.5 months after baseline Introducing the families to the content of the intervention and an overview of a physically active lifestyle 15 min
1.5 months after baseline Supporting spontaneous physical activity in children 70 min
3 months after baseline Supporting the aim of achieving recommended amount of physical activity, sedentary time, and sleep 30 min
6 months after baseline Increasing physical activity in everyday life and with the family 35 min
12 months after baseline Supporting the development of motor skills 40 min
18 months after baseline Health benefits of a physically active lifestyle 30 min
Total time used 220 min