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Table 3 Key features of the LIKE programme

From: The ENCOMPASS framework: a practical guide for the evaluation of public health programmes in complex adaptive systems

• The focus on the transition period from childhood to adolescence (age 10 to 14) is central to LIKE.
• LIKE is a five-year programme (2018–2022) conducted in three lower socioeconomic neighbourhoods in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
• LIKE is part of the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme, a local-government-led whole-systems approach with the long-term goal of reducing childhood overweight and obesity in Amsterdam [22].
• In LIKE, we work in close collaboration with adolescents, families, societal stakeholders, researchers and local government to develop, implement and evaluate actions that will help transform the system into one where healthy behaviour is stimulated at the levels of child, family, neighbourhood, health care and city. For a more detailed description, we refer to the LIKE protocol paper [21].