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Table 7 Summary table of results showing relation between sedentary behaviour and pro-social behaviour

From: Systematic review of sedentary behaviour and health indicators in school-aged children and youth

Type of Study Number of Studies Number of participants Narrative recommendation and main findings
RCT 0   
Longitudinal 1 2707 Watching > 2 hrs of TV per day is a risk factor for social behaviour problems
Intervention 0   
Cross sectional 17 91934 Individuals watching > 3 hrs of TV per day are more likely to exhibit poor social behaviours and be more aggressive. Limited evidence to suggest this relationship is stronger in boys.
Total of all studies 18 94391 > 2 hrs of TV per day is associated with poor pro-social behaviour.
Those watching less than 3 hrs of TV per day scored more positively in aspects of pro-social behaviour
Mean Downs and Black score = 19.9 (± 1.34), Level 3 evidence.